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Kim Eisen
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Kim Eisen
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Are You Ready to . . . Get Rid of What’s Bothering You?

  • You know you want something to change
  • You know there's more for you
  • You just want some peace, relief and clarity
  • You want to stop the struggle
  • You're tired of 'trying'

You now have choices that you didn’t have before, that are . . .


  • So you can confidently move forward
  • So you can Live the Life YOU Want
  • Because you DESERVE it!!!

Is There a Part of Your Life That's Not Working For You?

Imagine . . . never having to be stuck again and feeling free to create a life you love!

Look . . . It’s not your fault . . . and there is a better way

Hi! I’m Kim Eisen, an intuitive and experienced Master of EFT Tapping practitioner and Life Breakthrough coach.

After more than 19 years of coaching thousands of people to release and heal their traumas, blocks or challenges so they can move forward quickly, I’ve created in-depth, proprietary processes that blends EFT Tapping and the Law of Attraction to help heart-centered souls like you get unstuck, release their inner critic, and transcend their life or financial challenges/blocks. 


Maybe you thought that you ‘tried’ everything . . .

before with little or no success and just had to live with whatever challenges, blocks or problems were bothering you. Maybe there’s that ‘not good enough’ or empty feeling deep inside. Or, maybe you even had some success in the past, but you’d end up reverting back. 


I know, I was there years ago too!

Talk about self-sabotage, I was the queen. Always being pointlessly preoccupied while avoiding what was really going on with me emotionally in the background. At the time I didn’t know I could do something about it!

Thankfully, I found a pretty darn fast way to get unstuck, heal and release the emotional baggage, like unworthiness, grief and trauma which held me back for way longer than I care to consider. I just decided I couldn’t stay where I was anymore.


You can easily shift too! Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone.
I’m here to help you if you’ll allow me.

It’s not your fault because you just didn’t know before that there was fast and efficient help for you. What’s nice is it doesn’t have to take a long time. In fact, it’s pretty darn quick with the right guidance.

The GOOD News is, if you’re tired of being stuck you don’t have to be anymore!

3 Steps to Unleashing the ‘Real’ You!


What's Really Going On . . .
How You REALLY Feel, and your
Limiting Beliefs and Fears.


What's Been Holding You Back
with Help and Intuitive Guidance.
Quickly and Efficiently!


Confidence and Clarity . . .
More Abundance in YOUR Life,
Health, Finances, Love and Joy!

Listen . . . If you've been struggling, holding back or feeling stuck . . .

Believe it or not, that’s a very normal feeling for many. It’s not just you.

It’s called ‘Human Conditioning’ because you weren’t born that way. Life happened – disappointments happened – and then fear and limiting beliefs happened.

As I said, this is very normal – AND it’s such a relief to know that it doesn’t have to be or stay this way. 

You can stop struggling and have the Life and Abundance you deserve. All it takes in releasing your fears, limiting beliefs and getting out of your own way so you can end the self-sabotage and have clarity in choosing what’s right for you. 

Most will just continue in analysis paralysis and do nothing. But not you! You haven’t read this far on this page for nothing.
You’re determined. You’re open to a conversation about healing and becoming unstuck.

If you can receive this . . . 

You don’t have to be stuck anymore!

Ready? Schedule Your Private Phone Session

So . . . What does 'Stuck' look like?

Part of you already knows! I’m guessing you wouldn’t be here if everything was going super.

Feeling ‘stuck’ is an uneasiness within and maybe you can’t even quite put your finger on it, but you know that something’s off. It looks like living a somewhat mundane existence (or even a dramatic one) that isn’t fulfilling. It can feel empty inside. Even when everything looks good on the outside. It can look like hopelessness or even apathy (that ‘why bother?’ feeling).


How does ‘Stuck’ show up?

There are many words for how it shows up in our lives. Yet, the most common words used are . . . 

Anxiety, anger, avoidance, depression, drama, emptiness, helplessness, hopelessness, inner critic, overwhelm, pain, analysis paralysis, powerlessness, procrastination, feeling ‘stuck’, self-sabotage, struggling, or stress.

 What are some of the causes?

Lack of approval, anger, betrayal, grief, guilt, emotional or physical abuse, family dynamics, jealousy, lack of love, life’s disappointments, pain, regrets, resentment, sadness, lack of safety, shock, trauma, or feeling unworthy.

The good news is that it doesn’t matter as much as what the cause or causes are because you now have the power to neutralize their ‘effect’ on you and your life. You don’t even need to know what they are right now. In fact, most people don’t. That’s why I have the three ‘R’s’.
Review – Release – Receive. Then, you get to stop trying to be strong and start being lovingly Powerful!


What Matters?

The ONLY thing that matters is how YOU feel. And, how you feel is how you feel. Honor that and then make a choice if you want to change how you feel and live your life. You see, no one else has lived your life or has the exact same experience and perspective. No one escapes ’emotional stuff’. So, there is no right or wrong in feeling the way you do. Only, if you would like things to be different?

Consider this . . . Is how you feel beneficial to your happiness?

What’s Possible?

It’s easier than you think to release what’s in the way or what has been holding you back so you can live a more enjoyable and abundant life!
It will take a little effort on your part, yet so much less effort than staying where you are. For instance, (shameless plug) in my deep dive Life Mastery Methods, there is an easy to follow step-by-step proprietary process I created that weeds out the underlying issues affecting your life. We work together one-to-one to accelerate your results. There is nothing else like it that goes so in-depth to get you the results you want.

What’s possible? More confidence and opportunities, feeling worthy and deserving, relief, being able to breathe again, allowing the Law of Attraction to work in your favor, being open to receiving love, money, success and harmonic abundance in all areas of your life!


“What is the ONE thing everyone wants?”

Someone once asked me “What is the ONE thing that everyone wants?”, and then, immediately said “Forget it, no one can answer that.” 
But, I did answer anyway.


You see . . . that’s what the ultimate goal is. Joy. No matter what we say we want, it’s all about how we imagine it will make us feel when we get it. Some call it happiness, some call it money, and others call it freedom. So it doesn’t matter ‘what’ you call it because we’re all reaching for joy. The purest expression of the soul in this physical world. 

Yet, rarely does anyone walk around saying ‘I want more joy in my life’. That’s o.k. Just decide on what it is that you want. Whether it’s more money, happiness, freedom, loving relationships, success, health – you decide – it’s Possible!

*If you have questions about EFT Tapping – please download the ‘EAST EFT – Quick Start Guide
or feel free to take a look at Why EFT Tapping to learn more.

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EFT buddies
Sandra C
"Working with Kim helped me to remove the mental clutter that was interferring with my ability to generate a higher income and improved feeling of abundance. She gave me the support and tools I needed and the belief I could do it"
"Thank you Kim for helping me to go over $12,000 in one month!"
Anthony's Happy
Anthony M.
Fitness Trainer
St Paul MN
"Kim, you have the rare ability to read between the lines and cut right through the essence of things. You do this with kindness, grace and great humility."
"Your thinking processes are first rate, as is your intuition"

April's Pleased
April L,
LMFT - California
"Kim's insights, directness and authenticity is a major help in cutting through a lot of blocks . . . fast!"

Janine Fafard
EFT Soul Mentor
Costa Rica
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